6 Easy Steps to Be Resourceful During a Challenging Time

6 Ways to Stay Productive

Business that can adapt and be flexible during difficult times are the ones who will thrive – sure it may be a roller coaster ride but with little to no options it’s time to take action.

This is a pivotal time for hair and beauty salons, having to rethink the normal strategies and to plan in ways you have never had to in the past; almost like a chance to re-start and create the changes you have always wanted. The current climate gives an opportunity for a good time to change and grow, to re-build in a way. The Hairware Beautyware System provides many ways to manage your entire business, staff performance, wages and STP, targets and client retention, marketing and over 100 sales reports allowing you to analyse every inch of your business.

Take the opportunity to book in with a Hairware Beautyware Educator for personalised refresher training, or set up an auto marketing and client loyalty system. HB educators can also provide you with ideas and strategies on how to utilise the database to achieve the goals you want.

Book a personal refresher training session with a Hairware/Beautyware educator today.

#1. Stay Connected

With the stress of the COVID-19 pandemic affecting the state of your business, it’s important to remember to ask for help when you need it. With dedicated support at Hairware Beautyware, contact our supportive customer service team for any queries concerning the online booking system, to help you get the most out of your software. Now is also a great time to set up remote connections so you can continue to work on your business from the comfort of your own home.

#2. Maximise Visibility

Connect with your customers during this difficult time using a variety of digital methods. You can utilise SMS and email marketing to communicate VIP/Loyalty programs as well to highlight product sales for your salon. It is also a great time to create a strong presence on social media to help increase awareness and engagement and grow your following.

Read our blog on the Top 8 Social Media Tips for Salons.

#3. Set Up New Features

Set up features in the software that you may not have used before including client loyalty and VIP programs, client card accuracy, auto-marketing, cashbook and financial budgets, and much more.

Our CRM (Customer Relation Manager) allows you to select and market to your clients with thousands of combinations to choose from, utilising SMS and email in a less intrusive manner.

View the full range of Features Available here.

#4. Clean Up

Spring is here, and it’s a great time for a ‘spring clean’ of your software. Get ready to welcome back clients with an optimised system. Our recommendations include cleaning up your database by purging and merging clients, remove unnecessary and unwanted retail and professional stock items, as well as cleaning up operator names and details.

Review your old discount and services codes and removed any that are no longer valid. Did you know you can use the Creep adjust function to easily change service and stock pricing – if you’re looking how to do this, simply view the video here.

#5. Implement Staff & Salon Goals

A great way to motivate and reward staff as well as keeping track of their performance, is to create goals. You can utilise the target function which will allow you to track their figures on a daily basis, giving you the opportunity to encourage and support them to reach their goals.

Remember to create easily measurable goals with clearly defined outcomes or deadlines. Establish different targets for services and retail and provide staff with tools they need for success.

#6. Self Care

This COVID-19 pandemic has led to increased stress and anxiety for everyone, especially business owners. It’s imperative to look after yourself and practice regular self care. Make sure you look after your mental and physical state – balance out your day during lockdown and be mindful to space out your appointments upon returning. Help to avoid future burnout by practicing mindfulness now so those habits begin to be a part of your everyday routine.

We’re Here To Help

Don’t forget our amazing support team are here to answer your questions, provide support and assist you get the most out of your software to help your business succeed.
To get in touch, simply call us on 1300 880 582, and select option 1.


5 Top Tips for First-Time Salon Managers

5 Top Tips for First-Time Salon Managers

Salon Management Tips for Running a Successful Business

Running a beauty or hair salon for the first time is both exciting and nerve-racking. Embarking on a new adventure as a massive dream is being achieved while finding your feet around new responsibilities. It is important to follow your vision while taking the salon to the next level. However, your employees and clients are also a factor you need to consider and put first, as they are essentially the core of your salon. We have gathered the top tips for first-time salon managers. Learn what to make a priority for your new venture.

Build the Salons Morale

One of the essential steps for becoming a good salon manager is gaining the employee’s trust and respect. Open communication is vital, listening to your employees’ requests or suggestions and actively taking them on board will make them feel respected and appreciated; this will be reciprocated back to you. Encourage regular meetings, including both individual and team meetings. Your employees can’t read your mind – communicate everything to them. Whether it being positive or negative information, your employees need to understand both aspects of the organisation. Without constructive criticism/providing room for growth, your organisation will not succeed to expectations. Finally, make it enjoyable, keep your meetings interactive and make the workplace fun. If your salon employees enjoy coming to work, it will show through their clients and overall salons’ success.

Utilise Customer Complaints to Your Advantage

An area that can make or break your salon management is what you do with customer complaints. Do you take them on board? Do you log them into a system? Do you communicate the area for improvement with your employees? No matter what the customer or employee complains about, you must follow a procedure to address what has occurred. As a salon manager, you can occasionally have your guard up and turn a blind eye to issues within the salon as you believe it is perfect, as it’s something you have worked so hard for. However, complaints enable you to develop your systems or actions in areas you didn’t know were an issue, thus taking your salon one step further to succeed.

Take Time When Recruiting a New Employee

Taking your time and getting to know a potential employee is vital when recruiting a new member. You need to assess if their values align with your salon’s. Will they fit in seamlessly with your other employees? How much experience do they have? Why are they leaving their other occupation? Did something go wrong, or are they ready to take on a new venture? Getting to know a potential employee on a deeper level is extremely important, as you do not want to get a few months down the line and regret employing them as this can costs thousands of dollars. Take your time at the start, and you will thank yourself in the future.

Aligning Your Budgets and Targets With Your Vision

As a new salon manager, you need to wrap your head around budgets and targets. Going through past reports will help you understand what areas cost the greatest amount and what did not. From this, you will comprehend how the financial plans should look in the future and use past reports as a benchmark for comparison. In addition, conduct weekly reports to assess if you are on the right path to achieve your targets thus, you can adjust any areas if needed. Finally, incorporate your vision for the salon and its future into your current budget and targets. This way, you can begin to guide the salon in the right direction while keeping your finances in line.

Automate Your Salon

Incorporate Hairware Beautyware Salon Software into your business. This system will enable you to manage all the time-consuming accounting and managerial tasks easily. It will help take the pressure off you on the backend so you can turn your focus to other areas that need attention. HB Salon Software also includes outstanding features that allow salons to develop the service side of their operations, such as client-tailored VIP loyalty or client booking confirmation services. Click here to learn how HB Salon Software can help you take your new salon to the next level.

It’s time to chase your goals and create the life you’ve always dreamed about. Take on your new role as salon manager with pride and enthusiasm with these top tips to help you get there. Build up the salon’s morale, utilise customer or employee complaints to your advantage, take your time recruiting a potential member, focus on your budgets and targets, automate your salon with HB Salon Software, and finally, enjoy the experience. You worked hard to get here, and it’s time to put it all into action – Good luck!


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