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Hairware Beautyware has a comprehensive range of reports with over 100 reports to choose from. Our salon software automatically collates sales information in the format that you choose. Reports and graphs ranging from total summary, productivity, profit and loss, end of day plus much more. Know the state of your business anytime you choose: it’s all at your finger tips!

Our productivity reports allows you to see how productive your staff are based on their complete cost not just their wage, such as workers comp insurance, holiday loading, superannuation, allowances, etc. The report also looks at how many hours your staff has worked vs rostered hours, retail sales profit and average sale price of each service. Salon expenses can also be taken into account.

Sales comparison compares the past three years of service sales, retail sales and total sales and compares month by month. It will also compare new, walk-in and existing clients for the past three years. The report graphs all of the information so you can easily see how your business is going.

Track, examine, plan, then take the rest of the day off.

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