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Restore Deleted Stock Items – The update list now has an added ‘S’ button to show deleted stock items. Stock items can now be restored by ticking the box in the new Active column. Extended Product Descriptions – Product descriptions have been changed from 20 characters to now allow for up to 40 characters. The range has also changed from 10 characters to 20. Reports containing stock have changed to a landscape view.

Client notes

Client notes are now visible when making an appointment. Any notes in the client history are now displayed on the screen. There is now an option to add a note to duties in the Appointment Book. With a single click, you can now add a new service to an existing appointment or change between services. No shows will be highlighted in red when making an appointment. You can also change operators easily at POS with a single click. No need to delete or move. Client Notes are now visible when making an appointment.


The SMS app has been updated to reduce the need to enable and disable the SMS Android App. Android phone capability is now 500 characters making it easier to get your message out there.


A series of management reports are available including sales comparison reports and productivity reports. In addition, some reports are now colour coded, making them easy to navigate.


The wages section has been updated in accordance with all 2014 ATO requirements. The way holiday hours are accumulated has also been updated.

Online Booking

Mobile version has been added and allows for easier navigation when making an online booking via a mobile device. Extended description is also available for online booking, which allows for a more detailed description of online services.


Service descriptions have changed from 20 characters to 35 characters. Reports containing service descriptions have changed to a landscape view when necessary, to enable longer descriptions. The sales screen has also been adjusted to allow for extended characters.

Client App

A FREE iPad client app has been created. This allows the iPad to be handed to the client so they can add their details into the ‘New Client’ section. This information is automatically entered into the software. The paid app has the same features as above but also allows existing clients to update their details with security measures in place.


Automatic hourly back ups are created to the hard drive or designated drive.


The database has been updated and is now compatible with Windows 8 and 8.1

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