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New password options

You can now password protect the following payment affecting functions on the POS screen: ‘discounts & adjust price’ and ‘refunds’. To implement this feature: (F2) Setup > (1) system setup > (4) passwords

Operator photo gallery

We have added an option to add an operators photo to the operator profile. To add a photo simply click on “I” for image, then “a” to add, and browse to the saved image.

Appointment book deleting of multiple appointments

When a customer has more than one appointment on a single day, a question asks if you would like to delete all of their appointments for the selected day. We have added an option to add an operators photo to the operator profile. Currently this feature is for online booking. To add a photo simply click on “I” for image, then “a” to add, and browse to the saved image.

Salon hours changes

The appointment book setup now gives you the option of changing the salon opening hours for a certain date. Ideal for extended Christmas hours or to make a change on a particular day. Go to the appointment book setup and select change hours, add the day and then edit the new hours.

Age group updates

When the client has a birth year, the age group selection will update the client to the right age group, It can be found in F9 clients, 8 card Accuracy, 4 Update age group.

Appointment book roster setup

We have made the appointment book roster easier when setting up a new operator. When a new operator is created and added to the appointment book, a roster is created for Monday to Saturday 9am to 5pm. You can simply edit or delete the days.

Setup screen example

Hourly backups

F2, 2, then E. We have added the ability to create hourly backups of your Salon Software. Choose where you’d like your hourly back up to go by selecting a drive such as a USB flash Drive, an external hard drive or networked computer. We recommend not selecting the drive on the main computer. To set this up select F2, 2 and press E to edit then browse to the drive you’d like the hourly backup to be saved to.

Salon software online booking

We have re-written online booking from scratch and changed the layout, making it easier for customers to use. We have made it easier to select multiple appointments within the one category and added an “i” information button when there is a detailed service description. OLB (online booking) notification has been added to the appointment page, When an online booking has been made, simply click on the OLB logo and a list of unseen online booking appear giving you the option to go the selected day and view the bookings made.

Select Client example screen

New referral program

We have added the option to select an existing customer from your Salon Software database within the referred by section. Simply select “choose an existing customer” from the list and search for the referring customer on the new selection window and then save. For example: Mary Smith was referred by Lisa Jones. When we go to Lisa Jones’s client card in the referral section we are now able to see how many clients Lisa has referred and the total spend of those clients. For example: Lisa Jones. Referred 3 clients total spend is $900. We have then added a referral automated SMS or Email in the automated marketing.

CRM screen example

Automated marketing – referral

Referral We have added a 4th option to our Automated Marketing called “Referral” This option is part of our new referral program, you can now automate an SMS or Email to an existing client that has referred a new customer. The template message gives you the option of adding both the referring clients name plus the first name of the referred client. Set the message up once and from then on it’s completely automated. For example: Hi Lisa, thank you for referring Mary to our salon, work of mouth is very important to us, to thank you simply present this message on your next visit and receive $10 off any service or product.

CRM auto marketing example screen

Automated marketing

Follow up SMS. We have added an extra option to the Automated Marketing for First Visits, Birthdays and Non-returned customers. You now have the option of creating additional follow up SMS’s or Emails. For example: Automated first visit: The first visit message is a personalised thank you for visiting your salon, then using follow up messages you’re able to send another automated message after x days in this case 30 days after their first visit with a personalise promotion, and then as many follow up messages as you’d like. Its easy to setup the next 12 months or more of automated marketing.


Mailchimp integration

F6 CRM, select a client list. We have integrated the CRM email selection with MailChimp ( In F6 CRM, select a target list from the marketing selections, then “done”. Then select “email” from the list, then “Send” and lastly “MailChimp”. Once MailChimp is chosen your pre-saved MailChimp lists will appear, choose the list you would like to export the selection to and within minutes your client list will appear in MailChimp ready to create your campaign. There’s an initial setup and a helpful video in CRM, Emails, MailChimp Setup.

Booking occupancy example screen

Appointment book occupancy

To the left of the time on the Appointment book is an indicator letting you know how occupied the salon appointment book is for the selected day. ie 60% Occupied. Under each operator, the operator’s individual occupancy is displayed. When double clicking on any operators name in the appointment book, the last option on the menu shows the new occupancy report with an individual and salon report.

client merge example screen

Client merge

In F9 Clients, the Purge menu has changed to Purge and Merge. The new merge option merges clients’ with the same name and mobile number into one client card. Clients can be merged individually or merge all is also an option. The client card with the most recent visit will be the new main card and the other information will be merged to it including missing contact information and client services and histories.


Cloud backup

We now have the option of backing up to the cloud. This gives you peace of mind knowing that twice per day your Hairware / Beautyware data is being backed up off site, safely and securely. If a computer problem, natural disaster or theft were to happen, your data is safely stored off site. This option is $199 setup plus $199 per year – 50% off both for the first year or $3.80 per week to subscription clients.

2015 tax scales

We have updated the Australian tax scales for the 2015 – 2016 financial year.

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