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The wages section has been updated in accordance with all 2016 ATO requirements with updated tax scales. The way holiday hours are accumulated has also been updated.


Tyro EFTPOS integration

Tyro integration saves you time by automatically transferring the sale transaction figures to your eftpos terminal, eliminating errors or amounts being added incorrectly and making end of day process easier. For your integration contact Tyro on: (02) 8907 1700

Online booking

It’s time to give your clients the option of making an appointment in their own time, 24 hours a day. It’s all about making the process simple for your clients. The online booking system is easy to use and can be linked to your Facebook page, app or website. We have updated our online booking to be more user friendly with a new interface.

Select Client example screen


Your Hairware/ Beautyware system can be set up to automatically keep in touch with your clients so you don’t have to worry. There has been an increase from 160 up to 500 characters in the client card SMS messages. Client (F9) > Find client (1) send sms text (s) message (m)

Hairware backup example image


Changed & added hourly backups to zip files. To make backing up even quicker and save disk space. Set Up (F2) > System setup (1) Salon details (2)

report superstream

Superstream report

Added and upgraded to the new Superannuation superstream. Salon (F7) > Wages (3) Reports (3) Superannuation (3) Superstream (3)

Report employee leave

Long service report

Added long service leave to leave report Salon (F7) > Wages (3) Reports (3) Employee leave (7)

Marketing mailchimp setup image


Updated program to accommodate the recent MailChimp update. First register at Crm (F6) > Email (2) Mail chimp set up (4)

Appointment Log Change example image

Appointment book

Master Password: Any appointments moved or deleted using the master password will now show as Deleted. Set Up (F2) > System setup (1) Password (4)

Lient report client retention image

Client retention report

We have made our client retention report even better with more information. Simply click on the numbered columns to expand it for more information, such as lost clients, existing clients , etc. Reports (F5) > Management report (8) Client retention (5)

Confirm marketing SMS

SMS appointment confirmation

The text message that is sent to clients reminding them of their upcoming appointment now prompts the client to reply YES (this automatically confirms the appointment in the appointment book). Note- ‘A’, ‘Y’ and ‘yes’ will also work.

Sales comparison

Sales Comparison now has a total under each column. To select this report, go to (F5) Reports > (8)management reports > (3) sales comparison.

Setup screen example

Invoice display

We added the option to have a client address displayed on the tax invoice. To activate this feature: (F2) Setup > (1) system setup > (2) salon details > edit > ‘Display Client Address on Invoice’ tick the box to add the feature, un-tick the box to remove.

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