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Have a look below at what some of our existing Hairware Beautyware customers have to say about our Salon Software

I would like to thank you for the program Hairware that your business provides. We have found Hairware to be the perfect fit for our business and have it running in four of our Hair Salons without any issues and plans to put it in the balance of our locations over the next period of time.
As we found with other salon software systems they were either too hard or difficult to understand or crashed as they were internet based or just too difficult for the average hairdresser to use. As we have gone live in each of our salons with Hairware we have managed to train ladies that were straight out scared to use a computer at the beginning of the day and were like computer wizzes by the end of the first day. They have found it extremely simple to use and if anything have sped up the process of booking in clients and processing their sale at the end of the clients visits.
We have also seen a growth in our rebooking’s as a result of the program prompting the girls and also greater return rate of clients due to the automated SMS system. The reporting is the best that I have seen on the market and allows us to manage our business at the press of a button, though better yet allows our staff to better monitor their own performance as regular as they feel they need to – we have seen a growth in overall turnover in the vicinity of 15% which is the opposite direction to the market trends at the moment. We have made recommendations to many of our friends that own hair salons to have a look at the system and I believe they are also in the process of changing over as they have been able to see the outstanding results we have achieved with Hairware.
Again thank you and we are more than happy with result we get from your program Hairware.

I have been an owner operator manager of both my own salons and others for 18 years now. The first ever pos system that I ever used was Hairware. My business partner and I traveled to hair expo in Sydney back in 2000 and after looking at all the pos systems that we could choose from we went for Hairware, it was user friendly, had all the features that we could possibly ask for and more, but the support was second to none. The system was implement, we had our training and it ran amazingly for many years. I sold the salon after 5 years but the new owners continued with it, that particular salon was sold an additional 3 times during its 14 years of operation with each new owner continuing with Hairware as it was such a simple system to train new owners, managers and staff on. Hairware was a big asset when each person sold the salon. I then managed other salons for the next few years where I was able to work with many of the other pos systems available. Some were good, some not so good. When it was time for me to buy my next salon in 2012 after working with so many other systems the choice for me was easy. I went back to Hairware. I stayed there for a further 2 years. In 2015 I jumped to another company, the online features had just been released and the company promised so much. I had very poor support, I would wait 20 mins on average for my call to be answered and 50% off the time I would not have a resolution. SMS were charged per text, and there was so much of the system too complicated to implement. Training any new staff member on it was almost a full day of training and so many easy mistakes could be made resulting is loss of client data. It was pretty, but I then realised the absolute value of unlimited efficient support and the simplicity of using Hairware. I can train any staff member to use the system on their first day, and the rest just naturally falls into place as they need to use it. For myself, I can do everything that I need to run an efficient salon and any report that I could wish for from the same system. I don’t think I have ever waited very long for support. Even when Hairware is busy, they will answer you call and call you back, so that you are not sitting there wasting your time to get thru. I was very sorry that I ever left Hairware. I rung Hairware to see how I could come back and the support that I received was absolutely amazing. My data was all converted, Hairware was reinstalled in my computer, and in record time I was up and running again. In the short time I was gone, there were some key features added into their program such as online booking. Clients can now 24/7 book in with ease. They can choose stylist, day and service preferred if the like or they can let the system chose for them. In today’s world this feature and the SMS reminder is a must for any busy salon. As a hairdresser and owner operator for many years I would highly recommend Hairware as my preferred salon management software.

After a short trial period it was a pretty quick and easy decision to role out Hairware into 26 of our salons in a rather short period of time. The programs ability to increase client retention rates and average spends through automatised SMS communication enabled us more time to focus on growing our business. Although its not the only system on the market to utilize SMS messaging it is by far the most cost affective that I have researched (saving us around $600 per salon some months). The system is very user friendly making training of the program to new employees quick and easy but the secret must be well and truly out because more and more new employees are already familiar with the program when they commence with our company. If you need a salon computer system that is user friendly for your staff to use with in depth reporting for management then Hairware is the system for your salon.

Elenbi salons on the Sunshine Coast have been using Hairware since 2004 when we opened our 4th salon just recently we decided to use a different Point of sale system that a couple of our team members had used previously.  It wasn’t until we tried a different system that it made us realise how user friendly Hairware was. The functionality of the appointment page and how quickly new staff members have been able to become familiar with Hairware is its greatest feature. I did not want to outlay buying a new complete system when I already had all of the hardware so when I was offered the subscription of Hairware with all the latest updates and support included made it so easy and made this professional tool a necessity for a hair/beauty salon to operate effectively. A very easy to use system. Changing back to Hairware was definitely the right decision.

When I started using Hairware in February 1995, my daily takings rose by around $400…One big problem in the past was that there was no consistency in how the clients were being charged, particularly with colour. There was no way to record and charge for exact product usage, as all we had was short, medium and long hair prices, and we all know that it is possible to use much more product on a client with short hair than a client with long hair. With Hairware, if you use 60mls of colour on a client with short hair and 60mls on a client with long hair, then 60mls is exactly what you charge them both. I have 18 staff, and they can check their totals daily, which is a great way to keep them motivated….Hairware is so user-friendly that its integration into my salon was very smooth – to say the least. It took no time at all for my staff to become familiar with the system, and they were actually really happy and relived, as they could see how it was making things easier for them.

Hairware has been an amazing system for us to use in our barber shop. We have found the over the phone support and training always helpful and informative, which allows us to use our system to its fullest potential. Our staff, love having the training videos available to always refer back to! Our clients have been so impressed to receive their 6 week “service” reminder message which we have been able to personally customise and they love the fact we know how many times they’ve been in and know what services they usually have done. The marketing modules have proven to be a successful tool for our business, as our client retention rate has increased considerably. The staff have been so impressed with the system! Thank you Hairware.

I have been using Hairware for 9 years now and it has become a very valuable tool to help me run my salon. It has so many great features that allows me to run the salon efficiently and profitably. Since we started using appointment book we have had a lot less no shows through its ability to send out automated SMS reminders and it is so much more efficient than a paper appointment book.  The marketing features actually make us money through making it very easy to keep in touch with our clients, letting them know about our offers. We use email, letters and SMS. Other great features are client histories, stock control, wages and GST management. The support and service is great, nothing is ever a problem with the Hairware team. I would not hesitate to recommend Hairware as the complete salon system, it’s my system of choice and I wouldn’t be without it.

Hairware has been an integral part of our business since 2004 and has played a key role in growing our business over the last 6 years.It has helped to streamline many of the manual processes including client appointments, marketing, stock control, payroll and bookkeeping to name a few. With a continually growing team, it enables us to keep track of our business and spend more time working on areas of improvement and growth rather than being bogged down with the nitty-gritty. The updates and customer support from the Hairware team keep us up-to-date and on track and our feedback is always valued.  In this day and age, no salon can run efficiently without being computerised and to have a system that specifically caters for the needs of our industry is absolute gold! Thank-you Hairware.

Rubi Hair has proudly been using Hairware for over 7 years and can highly recommend their services and technology. Hairware has assisted me in building my business in areas of marketing, client relations and sms technology.
In particular, the report system gives me sound insight on where we need to grow and develop along with noticing where we have excelled as a business. Staff and Management alike both claim that Hairware is user friendly and the help desk always assists when we need further education or technical support. Looking forward to our continued growth thanks to Hairware

Running one salon or in my case four, using Hairware’s standalone software package has proven to be very easy .  The simple to use but hard working program allows me from any location via my lap top  to be fully in control off my business , be it marketing ,sales reports , GST management, wages ,stock control , appointments etc.  Hairware’s system can do the job , produce the report for you to run your business easier and quicker and lees expensive to other systems available today. Having had the systems in place for 15 years i have seen the good and the bad off all . When a  system crashes or we encounter a troublesome virus we want to know that there is good back up and support.  This is as important as the program itself. Hairware’s new support centre team has now evolved to another level. When you require help , we as the salon owner want to know that they appreciate your sense of urgency to resolve a problem quickly should we have one which is not often at all. This they now do very well. your problem is quickly acknowledged, acted upon ,resolved and a very strong sense off follow up communication if necessary put into play. My recommendation is to get this program and use all its features to the fullest, so many people out there today use there salon computer as a very expensive cash register, the initial cost outlay and ongoing costs are very small once you start this process. Hairware has increased our turnover and earned us far more than its cost.

I took on Hairware in 2007, 6 months after I opened my salon. Little did I know what I had taken on! With education, support and very little computer know how, I now use every single element of the Hairware salon Software program. Doing my BAS every month, by myself, takes me about one hour and saves me a few hundred dollars every single month. I do my wages and group certificates with little more than a few clicks of a mouse!
The marketing side of things is fantastic and I can choose to contact just specific groups of people for different promotions and I can direct market to them instantly via sms and email. The sms appointment confirmation saves us so much time and money and our rebookings percentage have gone from 8% to over 65% each week! Using Hairware has given me the power to finally track my business to see where I am, to track my growth and to track any decline. It also gives me the tools to re-coup lost clients and money when I do see a down-turn in business.
I LOVE my Hairware system. My business would not be growing by 20% every month without it! It gives me back quality of life through ease of use, it saves me money AND gives me the opportunity to make even MORE money! What more could you want from a computer system? It’s truly fabulous!

In 2010 we changed from hairware to the other main computer software company because we felt that they had more to offer at that stage. Well that turned out very different for us. Even though the new system had all we asked for it was so much more complicated It took many weeks of training to get the basics in place and many more weeks before we started to understand the system. Yes it was very complicated and difficult to ran and this was a constant struggle were we were taking valuable time away from what our business really was all about: Looking after clients. Since we have changed back to hairware the salon is running smoother than ever. The software is easy to operate and all staff just love it. The auto marketing is just fantastic, easy to “dial in” to the salon and do some work from home. The sms is also much more cost effective saving us well over $100 a month. We are all very glad to be back with the Hairware team. No matter what the question is we have always found a friendly Hairware support member at the other side of the phone line.

We have been using Hairware for over 7 years, and just love the system. It’s just so easy to use. It help us manage our entire business. It’s a must have  for any serious salon owner. The SMS Appointment confirmation has dramatically reduced Clients not showing up, whilst the reporting and marketing has saved us hours every week allowing us to work on the business and not just in it. We have just added Head office manager and central booking and the best just got better. I would recommend Hairware to any salon owner.

Having spent countless hours researching a salon software system that was not expensive yet was user friendly, I found a huge difference between the systems with the ongoing cost like SMS and Emails. Thats why I was thrilled to come across Beautyware, it is the best decision we made. The appointment book is so easy to use, and you can add so much extra information to tailor it to our salon. Paying staff has never been easier. All you do is add the relevant information and it calculates it for you. Giving you a breakup of tax, super etc. The financial features in the program has saved us a small fortune in accounting fees. We prepare our own BAS reports and group certificates. I always know how much GST is owed. I would definitely recommend this great software system. It has made my life so much easier. It is perfectly designed for our industry and I’m so happy with all the after sales service we have received. The “Helpline” is fantastic for added back up support.

Thanks Hairware for such an amazing system. It is so simple to use, our appointment booking process is so more efficient (no more double bookings!).Plus with the automatic “SMS appointment confirmation”, we are finding that our clients are no longer missing their appointments. This has really has made our business work more efficiently and lucrative. We have finally said goodbye to messy books on our front desk!

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