HB Pay Integrated EFTPOS
Say Goodbye to EFTPOS Fees

Our fully integrated EFTPOS terminal, seamlessly integrates with your Hairware & Beautyware Software. When selecting EFTPOS as the payment method, the transaction is sent directly to the terminal, reducing the risk of keying in the wrong amounts.

Say goodbye to EFTPOS fees and merchant bills… The terminal is able to calculate and pass on the 1.59% card charges to the consumer, including the share of the terminal rental fee. Resulting in no or a very small Merchant EFTPOS bill.

We have seen salons save between $200 & $700 per month with an average saving of $320 per month or $3,840 per year.

Use your savings to upgrade your computer hardware, towards a holiday or simply reduce business expenses.

Only available through Hairware & Beautyware, not Tyro directly.

To get started, simply click here or contact our team on 1300 880 582, option 2

HB Pay Online Gift Vouchers

Sell Gift Vouchers Online with instant delivery 24/7. The online Gift Vouchers seamlessly integrate with your Hairware & Beautyware software. Your clients may choose from one of the growing number of gift vouchers to suit every occasion with the option of using your own customised designs*.

Online Gift Voucher balances are live, allowing customers to view their balance at any time. The purchaser may view and re-print the vouchers any time through their online login. Vouchers will appear in the Gift Voucher registry along with all Gift Voucher reports. Much like online booking deposits, secure online payments are processed by HB Pay’s provider Ezidebit – a payment processing fee of 1.89% plus 30c per transaction applies. The fee may be passed on to the consumer or paid by the salon with settlement paid into your existing bank account on the next business day.

*Customised designs are $199 per design. The logo and images required must be supplied.

Please contact our team or click here to start with Online Payments for Gift Voucher.

HB Pay Deposits for Online Bookings

We have added the ability for customers to pay a deposit when making an Online Booking. Deposits will no doubt reduce “No Show Customers” considerably.

The deposit charged may be a percentage of the services value or a fixed dollar amount.

Service Setup along with Service’s Update Details screens, now have the option of Deposit Required. By default, all services will be updated to require a deposit when deposits have been activated.

The deposit amount is set up through the Appointment Book, then Setup button at the top of the screen, then Web Setup then HB Pay button.

If the client has a deposit, when selecting “Do Sale” from the Appointment Book, a prompt will appear displaying the “Deposit Held” with the amount held and allow you to choose to use all or part of the deposit held. You also have the option to forfeit or refund the deposit through the sales screen.

Online payment is processed using HB Pay provider Ezidebit, a payment processing fee of 1.89% plus 30c per transaction applies. The fee may be passed on to the consumer or paid by the salon.

Settlements are paid into your existing bank account on the next business day.

Please contact our team or click here to start with Online Payments for Deposits and Gift Vouchers.


Online SMS
No need for an Android Phone

Online SMS simply requires an internet connection and does away with the need for an Android Phone and SIM card. Messages are sent much faster and not prone to possible connection problems sometimes experienced between the Android phone, wi-fi or computer. SMS may now be more cost effective and only cost 10c per message* +GST.

Contact our team today on 1300 880 582 or click here. The steps are straightforward and the account setup should only take a few minutes,.

*A standard SMS consists of up to 160 characters, including spaces, messages will be charged per 160 characters of part thereof. For example, an SMS of up to 300 Characters will be counted as 2 messages and charged at 22c including GST.

Keyword Search

When making an appointment and selecting a service, you can now search by keywords such as “foils” or “facial.” Searching by a keyword will search all services in all categories, making it easier and faster to set appointments.

XERO Integration

Xero integration for wages is now available. Employee Pay Details, Rosters, Time Clock, and Pay Rates now integrate and synchronise with Xero Accounting software. Customers wanting to use Xero accounting can update Employee Pay Details, Rosters, Time Clock, and Pay Details in Xero from HB Software with just a few keystrokes. Our current wages and STP modules will end on December 31st, 2022. For many salons, moving to Xero or other accounting packages for wages will save money by eliminating the $1.10 per STP submission fee.

Several video tutorials can be found by clicking the button below.

HB Banner

A banner appears after running Hairware Beautyware for the first time each day. We will update a banner with new features when they are released, including updates and any other promotions. The banner will help us interact with you, our clients, as we further develop the software and ask for your software suggestions, wants and needs.

There is a “do not show again” button, and the banner will not appear again until the next updates or promotion change.

Sustainable Salon Charge

For salons using services provided by Sustainable Salons, we have added a Sustainable Salon surcharge. The surcharge may be added to every sale with a service. By default, the description will appear as “Salon Recycling Fee” on the customer’s receipt and the sales screen – however, the description can be easily updated at any time on the sustainable salon setup screen.

The Total Summary Report will now show the number of times the Sustainable fee was charged, along with the total value for the selected period. The fees will not be included as part an operator revenue.

This surcharge setup can be found in

  • F2. Setup,
  • 4. Markup & Surcharges
  • 2. Sustainable Fee

Online Booking Report

Our New Online Booking Report displays all online bookings made for the selected period, including each client’s services booked, deposit held and the total value of the client’s booking. The report summary shows the total value of Bookings, Number of Bookings, Average Value per Booking and Value of Deposits Received for the selected dates. Found on the appointment page, and double clicking on any operator, then online bookings report.

Online Deposits Reporting

Working hand in hand with the online deposits are three new reports. We have added an Online Deposits Report, Online Transactions Report and an Online Refunds Report. These reports are easy to read and provide all of the information required to track your online deposit payments.

Find these new reports in:
F5 – Reports then
7– Client Report then
3 – Deposits Report

Online Bookings Notes – Now allows clients to add notes to their appointment

We have added a notes section to our online booking, allowing your clients to add notes to their appointment. When the customer adds a note, an envelope will appear on their appointment, the note will begin with “Client Note”, allowing you to distinguish between an in-salon note and a note made online by your client.

Online Bookings Notes

Online Booking SMS when an appointment is made

When your client books an appointment online, they instantly receive an SMS confirming the booking has been made.

SMS Appointment:

“Hi Sarah.
Your appointment has been booked for 1:45 pm Wed 14 Sep at My Salon “

The client will also receive an SMS appointment confirmation when the appointment SMS reminders are sent.

Online Payment Reports

We have added three new reports to help you manage online payments. Our tailored reporting for online payments easily tracks all online payments, including online booking deposits, online gift voucher sales, card processing fees and much more.

Appointment Duties Password

You can now add a password to Appointment Book Duties. Resizing, adding, deleting and moving duties will prompt a password request when passwords are set up.

Group Flags

We now have five more colours to choose from. The flags are a great appointment indicator and are often used as a service indicator such as Facial or Foils or to identify clients belonging to a group, such as a wedding party. The flags appear on the top left corner of the appointment.

New Features and Enhancements

  • NEW Email Sender: The new email sender allows for email settings other than the internet service provider. Now Gmail, live and other general ISP SMTP emails may be used.

  • Added the “Appointments Total Value” when making an appointment, The value is displayed at the top right corner of the appointment selection window.

  • Client search has been made easier. Now the search for a client prompt appears as soon as the F9 Client screen is opened, without having to first choose Find Client from the Menu.
  • Added the ability to resend a single email via the Email Log on clicking ‘Resend’, it will show the email address used for the failed email. If the email address is updated and saved, it will be updated in the client card.

  • Updated the Email Log to show the subject of the email and details if the email fails.
  • Updated how gift voucher numbers are generated in both HB software and Online Booking. It will now allow the ability to “block out” a range of gift voucher numbers for in-salon and online voucher sales by simply selling a gift voucher with no value with the voucher number before the start of where the next gift voucher number will be automatically generated.
    (Example use case: A salon has printed 5000 physical gift vouchers (numbered 1 – 5000) that are to be sold in-salon and also sell vouchers online. The salon would simply sell a gift voucher (in the salon) and enter gift voucher number as 10,000 for example with a value for $0.00, by doing this, the automatic number generation will now start from 10,001 and still allow the salon to sell the physical vouchers through the system using the pre-printed number and overriding the voucher number)
  • Updated stock imports, will now update the new stock details if the barcode exists while preserving the salons stock levels.
  • Online bookings will account for resources and/or room availability when selecting available times.

General Bug Fixes